Wednesday, September 6, 2017


Week 19- I'm ALIVE!

Hey everyone sorry again for not emailing you... I just thought I would let you know that I am alive and doing well here in Ceilândia! I don't have much time but I hope you all have a good week! Be safe, and let me know if any of you need anything (I know I am in another country). I LOVE YOU ALL VERY MUCH!!! 

Love, Sister Menlove

P.S. Alma 34:32 - Remember why we are all here and what we need to be focused on. Once again I love you! 

July 24, 2017


Hello everyone! I am sorry that I have not sent an email to you all for the past three weeks, but I have been pretty busy (A.K.A. lazy). Also the subject line is probably a little confusing because I started this email last week and then all of the sudden my district leader came running in to where we email and telling me that my bus for transfers leaves at 4:30, guess what time is was people. 4:11!? Like what the heck!!!! So yeah I had to run to our house call a taxi and jump on the bus. In the process of this I was bawling because I didn't want to leave Cristalina...  But before I left Elder Glies and Elder Assis (Elders that were in my district) ran and got me one last milk shake (': All in all, it was honestly one of the most stressful 19 minutes of my life. 
The past few weeks have been quite crazy though. Soooo we had a mission wide conference in Brasília because our mission president is going home. We got a new President this last Friday, President Cooper! I also have this weird mark on my arm that looks like a strange bruise, but it isn't and I have had it for 5 ish weeks. So I had to go to the flippin' hospital to get it checked out...? The hospital was super awesome because they told me what I 'have' but I didn't understand a single thing they said to me, so I just asked them if it was cancer or if it would kill me and they said no. Sooooo I am good! And last but not least I was transferred. I am now in a city called Ceilandia (3) and it is way different than Cristalina. WAY DIFFERENT. This is an actually chapel and it is huge and this is like a city not just a small town.  This area has been closed off to Sister missionaries for two years sooo my companion and I, know nothing about the area... (': We are literally just going crazy and talking to everyone. My companion is Sister Guzmán, she is from Peru and has 5 months on the mission. We are both just babies on the mission and both of us are not Brazilian sooo as you can all imagine we are both just going with the flow trying to learn Portuguese! hahahaha! 
Anyways, I hope you all have a fantastic week and that you can understand this email! I love you all!!! 

Love, Sister Menlove

July 3, 2017

Week 12- Hoje é o dia noventa!

This week was not super eventful so sorryyyy! We had a lot of meetings fall through and people just did not want to listen to us. Instead we just tried to talk with people in the ward and less active members which was good. Our Zone Leaders came to check up on our 12 week training and while they were here we bought stuff too make hamburgers and stuff. Guys it was like an American hamburger BUT better!!! How is that even possible. Normally hamburgers here are super thin and boring but I cannot even think of the words to explain how good it was! We also had Stake Conference yesterday and we all had to wake up super early to drive 2 1/2 hours to get there, on a bus with our ward, but guess what. Our new investigator that we have only taught once came to it! Afterwards she told us that she wants to get baptized!! She is seriously amazing and she wants me to teach her English and in trade she will help me with Português! (': Anyways, that was pretty much my week.
But now I want to share with you this really good part from a talk. This talk was given at the MTC by Elder Cook and it is called "Qualifications For The Work". While I was reading it this part really stood out to me,

"Now someone might say, 'Well, Elder Cook, I would really like to have more faith.' How many of you would like more faith? (All raised their hands.) But how many of you, when you prayed this morning, prayed for more faith? (About twenty percent raised their hands.) That is interesting, isn't it? What happened to the other eighty percent? I guess the Lord would say, 'Do you really want more faith, or do you just say you do?' That's an iteresting question, isn't it? Because if you really want it, you've got to persist. You have to pray that the Lord will increase it for you every moment."
Now, remember, we need the Lord in every aspect of our lives. He will always be there for us and He will always be there to help us in times of need. I hope you all have an amazing week! I love you all!
Love, Sister Menlove
P.S. I don't have any pictures to send this week. Sorryyyy!

June 5, 2017

Week 11- New Companion!

This week was lit people. First of all I got my new companion, her name is Sister Reghin, she is Brazilian, 20 years old, has only been on the mission for five months, and she doesn't know English.... To say the least she learned A LOT of English this week and I learned A LOT of Português (': Anyways, she is seriously such a sweet Sister and she makes my bed for me sometimes when I am running late and she cleaned our bathroom really good today so I think I we will be getting along! HAHAHA! 

So here is your funny story of the week about yours truly.. Everyday we have lunch at a members house so we were at this guys house eating. After we got done eating they wanted to see my pictures on my camera so I went to go and get it. Well in his house he has this like little step up from one room to another and I appearently forgot it because I tripped and fell straight onto my face. Afterwards I just laid there because I was just too embarrassed to get up. It was basically the worst. That day we also got very very very lost. Actually we got lost a lot this week... Sooo we didn't do a lot of teaching. 

Yesterday I had to talk in church. And guess what? I took up a soild 13 minutes. Now guess how long it took for me to write it. A solid week. I had to write it first in English then after translate it. It was CRAZY. After church though we went to lunch at a members house and it was soooo good! Then we went out and did some proselyting for a couple of hours. Then afterwards came back to the members house and we ended up doing karaoke (I don't know how to spell it.) Anyways that was pretty much my week! I hope you all had a good week and that you will have an even better one this week. I love you all!!! 
Love, Sister Menlove
P.S. Here are some photos! One of Sister Reghin and then the others are just places that are pretty and I like a lot.

May 29, 2017

Week 10-Welton!

Helllllooooo everyone! This week was really fun and crazy and weird all at the same time! First of all, my other investigator got baptized yesterday!!! His name is Welton, he is 17, and he is seriously so awesome! After he got baptized he bore his testimony and wow the spirit was just so strong there. Plus he is already talking about going on a mission!!! He is sooo cool! Also this week it rained/was super cold, I had to wear two jackets. It was raining so hard one day that we couldn't leave the house!  On Thursday, my companions and I had a party with pizza and smores and oh my goodness it was AMAZING. My brazilian comp had never had smores before so she was loving it even more! Afterwards she wanted me and Sister Hillin (my american comp) to sing 'Be Still My Soul' for her in English while she recored it. Soooo we did, but it actually just ended up being us laughing for 10 mintues and somewhat singing. We were laughing at literally nothing too! Then the next day we made American cookies for our Enlgish class and since it was raining only two people showed up. -_- We ended up eating a lot of cookies that day...  ANYWAYS, my mind is going blank and I feel like this is making no sense sooo I am going to end it now. I hope you all have a good week and that you are all being safe. I love you all!!!!
Love, Sister Menlove
P.S. I am sorry about the pictures last week hopefully I can figure how to make them work!

May 22, 2017


OLÁ!! I hope everyone had an amazing week and an awesome Mother's Day. This week was my companions last week here in Cristalina, she actually left me last night for Brasília. This week I will be in a trio with the other sisters in the house until next week when I get my new companion. On the mission when you go home you "die" so this whole week she kinda took it a little to heart because we spent a lot of time running errands for her.... One day we literally just walked around town aimlessly and ended up in this one part of town with the Elders watching the sunset. What is that all about?! The sunset was pretty though hahaha!! (Oh also I bought these awesome pineapple flip flops and I LOVE THEM.) Later that night we had a funeral for Sister Alves, we had a bunch of scriptures around the house that talked about death and then we sang a song and were all dressed in black and she was bawling by the end!  
Oh and guess what everyone! Our investigator, Marina (she is 13 and we have been teaching her for the past three weeks) got baptized yesterday after church!!! She was super nervous though and since I don't know Português very well I couldn't really say anything to comfort her. It was super cool to be apart of that moment of her life though. AHHH it was just soooo awesome!! After she got batized our district got fed lunch and it was a BBQ (it was like I was at Tucanos)!!! After that we all got to Skype our families and that was also really good and super weird to see everyone!

Here is a quick quote that I want to share with you all, "Do you want to be happy? Forget yourself and get lost in this great cause. Lend your efforts to helping people.... Stand higher, lift those with feeble knees, hold up the arms of those that hang down. Live the gospel of Jesus Christ." If there is one thing that I have learned here, it is that we need to help others. When we help others they will have joy, their family will have joy, and you will have joy. Try to help people in every way, big or small. I hope had a good week last week and has an even better this week. I love you all!!!
Love, Sister Menlove
-Me teaching a statue 
-Me and my pineapple flip flops
-Me and Sister Alves 
-Me and Marina

May 15, 2017