Thursday, December 22, 2016

Intro: I hope they call me on a mission!

So I guess I'm a blogger now?  This isn't just any old blog... it's ANOTHER sister missionary blog!!!  Let me tell you though I have no idea what I'm doing here or if this blog will make it past two weeks. For the most part I will putting together a few lists of what to pack, what to wear, where to shop, etc.

Once I am in the mission field I hope to have someone update the blog with my weekly emails so that you can all keep in touch with me for the next 18 months!

This blog is going to be a way for me to wrap my head around the whole sister missionary thing which is in t-minus 74 days, BTW.  I am going to try to keep you guys in the loop for the next little while and share all the fun things I do before I head out.  I may not know much about being a sister missionary right now, but I do know lots about spending money as soon as I make it. 

I guess I should tell you all who I am. My name is McKayla Dude Menlove... Or at least that is what my older siblings convinced me to think it was.  Guys for real, I would write my initials "MDM" on everything including my poster of the one and only Chad Michael Murray.  The reason they told me my middle name was "dude" is because I was not given a middle name when I was born and I have ALWAYS wanted one sooo I guess "dude" was the most amazing middle name in the world to me... Oh by the way I recently went to go get a new birth certificate (because the visa people took my original one) and when I was there the lady helping us told me that it only costs 5 BUCKS to get a middle name.  As you can guess I definitely got myself a middle name, my name is now McKayla Leora Menlove. (:  Anyways I received my mission call a couple months ago, I will be serving in the Brazil Brasília Mission, I report to the Brazil Missionary Training Center March 7, 2017. I am the fourth out of five children, I am lucky to have a group of amazing friends, I grew up in the one and only Payson Utah, I love playing soccer, one day I hope to be a neonatal nurse, cosmic brownies are my jam, and I think I could watch TLC's "My 600-Lb. Life" every single day.

So that's me in a nutshell.  Welcome to my blog, and I absolutely cannot wait to share my mission experiences with you!

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